We always believed in quality and innovation because this is everything that this amazing product needs.
GreenLime, with production departments in different countries, bringing the production plants where the most demanding markets are. The GL project was intended to make the development and the buying experience more simple for the customer.
Perfectionist because we strive for flawlessness. Any project is a challenge to reach perfection and the way to satisfy our minds.
Dynamic because our Team is continuously in motion to evolve. We built strong relations boosted by our passion for communication.
Innovative because we always keep an eye on any revolutionary industrial process tailored for the product. Bringing experience to feed new ideas.
Our bodies are made by a combination of curves and lines.
All our fascinating differences have been studied deeply in order to create the new common measurement.
Your Body Contour (Y.B.C.) is the ultimate awareness of this inspiration and the most technical expression of the knowledge.