The GL experience started in 2001 with our first approach to the bike market as business developer of a 30 years old company that produces specific technical apparel.
After succesfull sales, the company decided to produce its own collection of sports protection, especially for bike apparel and that is where it all started.
This is how we became the best customization Company, the most flexible with bigger offers in terms of technologies, material sourcing, and construction methods.
This brings us to our SQUADRA: 40 people, managing the European production out of Croatia that is based on 100% Italian design, materials, development and engineering.
Our founder Alessandro Scudeller, the inventor, deposited 5 Patents in the past for new innovative technologies that changed the entire construction of the protective pads.
All those materials and technologies are currently used by all of our competitors to be in line with the new bike pads standard needs and this demonstrated that we are leader in this specific market.
We are here to change the game again.
Neverending innovation for an infinite growing standard.
Every single Country follow its own area customers.This also improve:direct communication
faster delivery
flexible sampling
reducing of shipment costs
100% elimination of import duties
avoiding any rate exchange difference