The GREENLIME® project started with a sustainable mindset and behavior since the day it was created in 2005.



GREENLIME® responsibility starts from the fact that it is a factory and not only a sales office so the procedures to get the ISO certification are certainly severe and precise and this is why we are proud to be the first pad factory to be certified ISO 9001 and 14001, the most recognized certification for environmental management systems.


At the beginning, all suppliers willing to cooperate with the GreenLime® projects had to be Certified and sustainable.

All our energy suppliers use only renewable resources as well as our supply chain use for the most part Green Energy.


We started in 2017 to use Recycled Polyamide and Polyester fabrics and we dedicate big part of our work to find all ECO alternative materials. There are several alternatives in the market but we must be aware of the fact that something that is normally recycled is not always really ECO, especially foams. So this is why we started using Castor Oils foams and other ingredients that are really ECO friendly as well as we keep always an eye on the recycling process of our suppliers to be sure that no toxic glues or additives are used on the materials.

Any paper printed in the company has been made with Recycled cellulose since the first day and now, thanks to additional software systems we reduce the usage of papers sensitively every year.


Any production process has been studied to optimize the usage of energy and reduce any kind of waste. Being a protection manufacturer, GreenLime® has waste coming from cutting and shaving process especially with polyurethanes. Also Polyurethane has a second life and it is reused for building insulation and furnitures padding so this is why any waste coming from the factory is reused or participate to a Certified clean environmental waste program.


Also logistic has been planned form the beginning to be minimal and reduce as possible the Co2 emissions. After few years of saving and planning we realized that the only way to save transportation fees and emission is to open factories where customer need the product.

We didn’t simply re-organize the transports, we almost deleted them.

This is why we opened GreenLime® Pacific in Guangzhou (China), GreenLime® USA in Salt Lake City and a new opening in Central America will be announced soon!